Hey sometimes life intervenes— so don’t FOMO or beat yourself up if you sold too early— there will always be other chances to invest.


Seeing a lot of stressed out, anxious and borderline depressed people on this sub. Just wanted to say that if you’re on the sidelines or waiting to save up or if you have to sell to pay your bills, don’t worry there’s another opportunity to invest.

I made my first investment in XM radio when it was at $4 a share. Sold at $30. Then bought a house with it. Then bought Netflix at $6, sold at $36 to move to Los Angeles. Netflix is now at $600 plus… and I regret nothing.

I found my place and met my friends and met the love of my life. And there have been multiple chances to re invest and get back in and make money in other ways including having friends tell me about BTC in 2012. And I had to sell some investments to take care of my Dad when he got sick. Sometimes life intervenes. And you’re just a human being doing what you can.

So just take it easy and be kind to yourself, don’t stress yourself out too much over the percentages. Another shot is always around the horizon, and the most important thing is you’re around to see the sun come up.

Life is too short to stress out about math. And there isn’t just one rocket ship to the moon.

Much love to all of you!

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