HEX is an obvious scam. You should definitely avoid this coin.


Google HEX scam, they have paid for them to rank in the keywords “is hex a scam” and “hex scam” what genuine brand or company would do this? Very strange.

There’s more – if you scroll further down the page you can see they have made an entire website to let us all know that HEX isn’t a scam and people are just mean to them and or jealous haha, wild – see here

Here’s a TWEET from a journalist where he was offered 10 BTC to say it wasn’t a scam.

Hex is an obvious Ponzi scheme and really shouldn’t be allowed to operate as they let the community down as a whole and decrease the reputation of genuine projects on the market.

Literally the 2021 Bitconnect – for those who don’t know what Bitconnect was the CEO is being sued 2 billion by USA law currently more info

Tldr, don’t invest in HEX, it’s about as secure as having your sayings in USDT.

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