Here’s why you need to calm down about this dip


I know it’s a lot of new traders that are freaking out but listen. Remember when:

BTC hit $45k in February and everyone freaked out

ETH hit $2k in April and everyone freaked out

SOL was only $44 in April

ADA hit $1 in February and everyone freaked out

DOT hit $20 in January and everyone freaked out

Just keep in mind that the long term trend for almost every coin is positive. Even in this dip, BTC is at $47k, ETH is $3900, SOL is $180, ADA is $1.26, DOT is $25.

If you’re worried about losing money in crypto, remember why you started. You likely saw the potential and the long term trends and wanted to buy in. The potential is still there and starting to become reality. Don’t panic, don’t sell for a loss, HODL.

EDIT: I accidentally said DOT was $5 instead of $25, fixed it

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