Here’s how much You will get This Distribution. Direct Calculation, The only thing You want. No more asking strangers


This is the Link to the PDF file, You just need to search your username of reddit, and dont worry if it shows 0/0, just give it 2 3 seconds

And the for the context of this times moons ratio

this calculation is from user mjrice

The award ratio this round will be about 0.2885 Moons per karma (pending finalization of the data).

There were 43821 users listed who will receive moons this round, with a total of 5,494,126 karma awarded (this includes bonuses such as the +20% you receive if you kept your moons from the previous round and the +5% if you voted in governance polls last round).

With a total of 1,584,977 Moons to be distributed, that means the award ratio will be 0.288486 Moons per karma, pending any final changes which may happen this week.

Happy Snapshot Day Guys,

If any problem just comment down below

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