Here’s another reason to get into Avalanche: Colony ecosystem accelerator will let AVAX users invest in early stage projects, like VCs and angel investors


I’m legitimately surprised at the amount of attention AVAX is getting lately, but I don’t see any attention given to projects in. I tried looking into news and here’s what I discovered: there’s this project called Colony that’s essentially an accelerator/DAO that allows Avalanche users to invest in early stage projects.

It uses its own system called Ecosystem Farming so users can utilize the Colony CLY token to invest projects as early as ground level. This is something ordinarily reserved for angel investors and VCs, so anyone looking into supporting concepts on a foundational level might want to look into this.

In terms of financials, I read here that they already raised USD 18.5M and they’re set for an IDO on 12/6. Not sure if this is a worthwhile project to attach when explaining Avalanche, but I figured it’s worth mentioning in the sub.

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