Hello, New Investors. In Case You’re New To This- 3rd and 4th Weeks’ Dip Are Common.


Hi everyone. I did some pattern tracking last time and was checking to see if the BTC Futures’ Expiry dates would be the pivot to certain patterns of buying and selling. Initially, I was comparing it against ‘Max Pain Point,’ but slowly lost interests in it and now I’m just keeping track of the charts for the fun of it.

What I want to point out is the common decline in price patterns in 2021. It has happened in;

Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, September, October

It’s been for every month except July, and August.


For what it is worth, just wanted to point this out.

Thank you.

Edit 1: For the record, chart reading is the least reliable method you can do to anticipate the price action. Public and private information are commonly more useful. This is based on Efficient Market Hypothesis. I should also have compared it by the bull/bear cycle, not by the yearly demarcation.

Edit 2: This is where DCA for 4 times a month is useful. You’re able to average the price out for the month. Good luck with your portfolios, people- enjoy the ride and see you at the first exit in 2025, and then 2030. 🙂

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