Hello I am Neverdeadly and I used to spend all my money on weed.


Crypto then made its way into my life and now I spend all my money on Crypto And Weed

Me and my portfolio are high right now in the green. My portfolio loves the green. All about the green. And its always High.

Seriously though. I would say at one point in my life I was spending most my extra money on marijuana. I get high because depression, anxiety, etc. Eventually i started to rely way too much on the effects and benefits of marijuana. It was starting to dig deep into my pockets. After finding other things I can do to cope with problems I started to save a lot more money. I still smoke weed but not as heavy.

I now use most of my extra money to throw into crypto and its been a few months with promising gains.

Now i use my gains to buy weed and back to square one.

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