Have you ever wondered what happens when you click on that scam link saying “You won 0.359 BTC”? well I clicked it so you wont have to.


On June 10th, 2022 I received the following message on discord and was told that I had won 0.359 BTC.

But wait, I didn’t just win 0.359 btc but I also won a bonus prize.

so like any curious and desperate crypto investor would do, I fired up and old laptop that’s been collecting dust and proceeded to CLICK ON THE LINK.



I followed the instructions, registered an account with a newly created throwaway email address and then input the promo code



Well I’ll be damned look at my balance!!!

I now have 0.35899520 btc, I must now withdraw it into my wallet.


transaction is pending, it’s really working!!!!!


Maybe this wasn’t a scam after all, maybe, just maybe I was about to get some free bitcoin.

15 minutes later…..

ok, it’s taking a bit long even for bitcoin

transaction failed because I have to prove my identity be sending in at least $300.00 worth of btc, but I would get $10,000 USD so it’s a bargain right?

Friends, I did not send in the 0.01 btc to claim my 0.359 btc but many people do.

Don’t be one of those people.

I know everybody avoids these scam links but thought you might want to see what it leads to if you actually decided to click on one. How some people get to this final step and decide that it’s a good idea to go ahead and send in the 0.01 btc is beyond me.


keep it secret, keep it safe

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