Has anyone heard of Loopring (LRC)? I haven’t heard anyone mention it before


It’s apparently owned by Mark Zuckerberg, The Rock, and Obama. I’m not sure on the details because there’s really not much information on it and no one is talking about it, but it is supposed to be able to teleport people through the blockchain like in Star Trek without any gas fees

I read the white paper and I really believe in the tech. I’m hearing they’ve also got some really neat time travel projects on the go. Not to mention every Facebook user will get a free Loopring bandana or keychain (while supplies last)

The market cap is only $10,000 right now and the dev team is fully doxed. They’re also the same people who created the original Palm Pilot and were instrumental in the development of the new Root Beer flavour of Pop Tarts. I’m not kidding when I say I think it could 1000x time easily by the end of December.

Of course, as with anything, DYOR. But I’m shocked not a single person is talking about this revolutionary coin.

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