Harmony ONE Road map looking sweeeet


A lot of activity for Harmony ONE at the minute, new ATH & getting into the top 50.

Harmony ONE Roadmap is looking very exciting for the remained of the year and into January.

November 2021 – January 2022

ChainLink Mainnet Integration

Bitcoin Bridge

1Wallet as client library – The library should allow developers to onboard a user who does not yet have a wallet, or connect a user’s existing wallet to their app. The library should allow the app to – create a new wallet, authenticate a user, retrieve a user’s wallet information/balance and transaction history, perform transfers.

Cross shard transaction – Harmony’s shards are similar to Cosmos’s zones and Polkadot’s parachains, but Harmony’s shards offer simpler interface and more uniform security for developers.

Polygon Bridge

Cross-Chain API – This project will create a CrossChain API MVP that allows iquidity Providers (LPs) – that have tokens in Ethereum & BSC to add liquidity in Harmony DEXs using a single API and swappers, to move their tokens from/to Eth and BSC using a single API

Ethereum Bridhe

ONEwallet – 20% APY (Then Enable Apple Pay & Bank Wire in ONEwallet – December 2021)

Cosmos Bridge

Still very undervalued in my opinion even with the current green days. Exciting to see how this one develops.

Any other projects looking good at the minute?

EDIT: thanks for the downvotes. Enjoy your extra 0.000000001 moon it gets you on distribution day. Only trying to spread some love for Harmony and show the road map.

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