Guy from CoinBureau answers yesterday’s post regarding the CoinBureau brand and his role in it


So you may have seen the post that is still currently on the frontpage of this sub where a user raises questions regarding CoinBureau’s and Guy’s legitimacy. Multiple users tagged Guy, and he replied a few hours ago but I thought posting it would bring more awareness to his reasoning given that is answer was buried in the replies.

Here it is. Link to Guy’s response.

Thanks for the tag. I don’t know why this is a controversy, given that I answered most of it in a previous AMA here:

I thought it was obvious that we were a team. You merely need to take a look through my instagram to see all the other people behind the scenes. We work hard every day and night to provide the most honest and trustworthy crypto education we can.

With regards to the founding of the Coin Bureau and its history, I answered it here:

Yes, my friends started the Bureau and I decided to join them on the journey to grow the YouTube channel.

When it comes to the accusations of trying to “manipulate your opinion” or “shill to the highest bidder”, I won’t really dignify that with a response. Perhaps OP didn’t see my Tweet from last week:

It’s literally pinned to my profile.

As to how we make money, I also covered that in the AMA:

I have never run a single ad on YouTube. Here is a snapshot of our lifetime adsense account:

We don’t do sponsored reviews and have a company policy against promoting any sort of leveraged trading. Every single product or service we talk about has to benefit our users first. And if my viewers don’t want it, I’m totally cool with that.

Maybe they want to help out by buying a merch item, maybe they don’t. It’s entirely up to them and as long as they get something from the content we put out, I’m happy.

At the end of the day, we are here trying to give people the highest quality crypto content they can get. All that is free and I don’t place anything behind a paywall. There are other great YouTubers who do the same of course, who I have covered here:

But I can’t focus too much on what others are doing because my efforts are better spent keeping the channel going and doing what I love.

I think that the success and growth of it is testament to the quality of that content, and the impartial way in which we approach it.

Now, with respect to OP. I gather that he/she is an Algo fan. About 2 weeks ago, I made a video on Algorand vs. Solana. There were two inaccuracies in the video. That was mainly as a result of timing on the release of Algorand’s announcement of the ending of accelerated vesting. It happened the day when the video was scheduled and we didn’t pick it up.

However, after realising the error, I immediately started work on a new video that looked at the Algorand ecosystem and explained in the beginning that I was mistaken. I am happy to admit to mistakes when I make them – I’m only human, after all.

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