Guide: How To Backup Google Authenticator To A Second Device – (So you have the same codes and accounts on both simultaneously)


There have been a couple of posts recently trying to encourage people to backup 2fa. So I thought I would include instructions on how to do it. Since I finally got around to doing it yesterday after a wee scare.

This will allow you to have the same constantly changing codes for your accounts on two phones simultaneously….so if one packs it in or gets lost in a boating accident, you can still do everything you need to without having to contact exchanges etc. to reset everything.

Download Google Authenticator app on a second device and open it

Select ‘get started’ then either ‘Scan a QR code’ or ‘import existing accounts’….both do the same thing. The camera should pop up for scanning…put this device down.

Open authenticator on your original device

Click on the 3 dots and select ‘transfer accounts’

Click ‘Export Accounts create a QR code to export accounts

Your accounts (exchanges etc.) Will show up and you have the option to select which ones you want to transfer over. Then click ‘Next’ and the QR code will appear.

Scan this QR code with the camera of your backup device.

Voila! All your codes and accounts will appear, exactly the same on both devices ✊

It looks a lot written down but it takes about 30 seconds. If you prefer a video to watch it being done this is the one I used. It’s good.

If you have been meaning to do this….DO IT TODAY OR REGRET IT TOMORROW

You should also have a series of backup one-time access codes connected to your account seperately from this…I’m looking into backing those up next.

Ps. I did this on Android and there may be some differences on iPhone.

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