Gucci Mane, Lupe Fiasco, Lewis Capaldi and others are issuing NFT tickets using GET Protocol. Here is what you need to know:


Every NFT ticket is issued on chain so you can see and verify the whole life cycle of it –

Simple UI. Users don’t need to be crypto savvy to understand how things work. In fact, most of the clients of GET Protocol integrators had no clue that they interacted with blockchain –

They solved ticket scalping – Reminder why scalping is bad –

Content creators can control and benefit from secondary market because NFT tickets can be coded. You can code for how much it is allowed to resell tickets on secondary market, how much of that resell value is going to go to the content creator, venue, event organizers etc. This is something that works already and more then 134k tickets were resold scalp free –

(!!!) They are working on something called Decentralized event financing – and Now you, as a fan, can provide liquidity to the artist in exchange for some perks, VIP access or revenue cut. So this feature allows people to directly invest in their favorite band, build proper web3 communities and participate in sharing economy. Event financing through fan base empowers creators and makes monopolies such as Ticketmaster less valuable. Democratization of the market if you want

They are also active in Metaverse –

NFT tickets can be something way more then just a piece of paper. Season pass, fan ID, piece of art, evolving collectible and so on. Here is a nice write up but take a closer look at tweet 11/14 and 12/14 –

GET is quite big in Netherlands (the team is located there), a lot of famous artists are already utilizing their solution. Jochem Myjer – one of the biggest Dutch comedian, Bløf – more then 25k tickets were issued for their recent show in April, Antoon – 2.2M monthly listeners on Spotify, Guus Meeuwis – 1.1M monthly listeners on Spotify, Suzan&Freek – 1.8M monthly listeners on Spotify. Company named XTIX, integrator of GET, is doing a show for Lewis Capaldi – 21M monthly listeners on Spotify, song “Someone you loved” was played for 2.3B times on Spotify 😁😁.

The team behind Protocol and Protocol itself is battle tested, fans and artists don’t have to deal with high Network fees on Ethereum (they issue tickets on Polygon) because solution is well optimized for both exclusive and gigantic events, protocol provides complete transparency, security and the other cool perks of NFT and blockchain technology.

Gucci Mane, Lupe Fiasco –

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