Grayscale is ready to immediately sue the SEC if their bid to convert their Bitcoin Trust to a Bitcoin Spot ETF is denied.


In a recent statement Grayscale has assured that they would be ready to sue the SEC of their Bitcoin Trust GBTC is not converted to a spot Bitcoin ETF after their recent bid. This would also be be the first Spot ETF for Crypto in the US and its looking good for that.

The Deadline is of July 6th for the SEC to give their decision on this. And if the SEC was going to do their usual shittery, Grayscale has already lined up a legal team to sue the SEC directly afterwards. Including Don Verrili from the Obama administration. Now the consens is already that the Spot ETF will HIGHLY LIKELY get approved as the SEC would be pretty much poised to lose the lawsuit lead by Don Verrili.

However it turns up we can all grab the popcorn now as in July the show is going to get real. With probably the highest possibilities ever to get a Bitcoin Spot ETF approved and if not the SEC will face a bunch of trouble and they know it.

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