Governance proposal CCIP-032: Amend CCIP-031 to extend the time restriction from 1 distribution to 3.


Read carefully before voting, and remember to check the comments for any con argument.


Change the time restriction of CCIP 031 to extend the time from 1 to 3 distributions.

With CCIP 031, you may lose your first moons if you haven’t opened your vault. And you only have a window of 0-28 days to do so.

Currently there is flaw in the limit, since it’s not necessarily 28 days. It can be under 1 day. And it hurts new users for no good reason. This new proposal is to give a more reasonable amount of time.


1- New users, who may be using the site normally, may get caught in this.

That’s because the proposal only gives 1 moon cycle to open a vault. Which means they may have as little as 1 day, or even 1 minute, depending on when they join.

2- It takes time for new users to understand how moons work and all the rules. Let alone find out that we have moons.

The first month may not be enough to learn about all the sub’s rules, how moon work, and how to setup a vault.

I’ve see people who’ve been on the sub for months and still don’t know exactly how moons work.

3- We lose the greatest marketing campaign for the sub and for moons: new people getting their first moons, and getting all that excitement with it.

Whether it’s on their first distribution, or second, or third distribution when they finally figure out how to setup a vault.

For many of us, it took a while to figure it out.

4- There aren’t really any significant drawbacks to this proposal I can think of, since it will keep all the same amounts, and same overall result as the original proposal. It will just give new users a little more time to get their bearings.


Instead of giving new people between 1 minute to 28 days to learn everything about moons and realize they need to open a vault, push CCIP 031’s timeline to 3 distributions instead of only 1.

If after 3 distributions they haven’t opened a vault, and they have 30 karma or less in those 3 distributions, they are removed from any new distributions with less than 10 karma, until they open their vault.

The amount of karma will remain the same (3 distributions of 10 karma=30), only the time is extended.

Keep in mind that after 6 months, unopened vaults have their moons “burned”. So eventually those moons will end up being “burned” either way, if they don’t open their vault.

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