got into crypto about 2 month ago , I’m quite proud of myself


I got into crypto near the middle of March and since then I fell into a rabbit hole of information that has opened my eyes to the crypto world. I bought coins and moved them to a cold wallet. I followed the rules of only investing what I can afford to lose. I have been doing so much research it truly feels amazing to be where I am at in such a short time.

With inflation killing us all, after all my needs are met the last bit of money I can play with I’ve bought small amounts like 20$ at a time. I’ve also had friends and family send me crypto as gifts as well.

When I first got in I spent 20$ on both doge and Shiba. But in that 2 month i have been learning what crypto has to offer. I’m following these companies and their technologies and now investing in meaningful coins like eth ,algo,ada,btc.

I still have so much to learn but I feel with the time I have taken to really research these companies / block chains. I’ve come to thr realization that crypto is here ro stay. to much money is involved and the technologies are going to change the way our online lives and real lives operate.of course we are gonna have alot of coins and companies die off but the world of crypto is only gonna get bigger.

I still see flaws but it’s only a matter of time until they are fixed.

I just wanted to say this community is amazing! the good and the bad. Keep doing your thing. And just know we all in it together.

And to any beginners looking for advice, please get a hardware wallet. No matter what you invest in and make sure your coin you invest in is compatible in your hardware wallet

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