Got a scammer excited for a second. I love playing with these scumbags.


Sup — Today at 7:06 PM

**[7:06 PM]Hello[7:07 PM]***Has your issue been resolved?📷)

fishsauce — Today at 7:10 PM


Sup — Today at 7:15 PM

Sorry for the inconveniences Have you re-authenticated your wallet on our database due to the recent upgrade?📷

fishsauce — Today at 8:13 PM

How do you do that?📷

Sup — Today at 8:14 PM**[8:14 PM]It will write successful connect[8:14 PM]This is official is perfectly safe to connect[8:15 PM]***That is the authentication link, the required information is secured and encrypted, your information will be received by the bot and the bot will automatically authenticate your account, the process is only going to take 10-15 minutes.📷)

fishsauce — Today at 8:16 PM

Ok let me try. What info does it ask for so I can have it ready?📷

Sup — Today at 8:16 PM

Your phrase or private key**[8:16 PM]***we don’t have access to your phrase words,your phrase words is personal to you and never ever share your phrase words with anyone📷)

fishsauce — Today at 8:17 PM


fishsauce — Today at 8:42 PM

I’m done. What’s next?📷

Sup — Today at 8:43 PM

Have you connected?**[8:44 PM]***Did you see any barcode?📷)

fishsauce — Today at 8:44 PM


Sup — Today at 8:44 PM

Can you show the barcode for confirmation📷

fishsauce — Today at 8:45 PM

I closed the window already.📷

Sup — Today at 8:45 PM

You will have to connect again📷

fishsauce — Today at 8:46 PM

Can I just give you the pass phrase and you help me?📷

Sup — Today at 8:46 PM

We don’t have access to your phrase and don’t share it with anyone**[8:46 PM][8:47 PM]***Go the website and connect📷)

fishsauce — Today at 8:48 PM

It says I already connected.📷

Sup — Today at 8:49 PM


fishsauce — Today at 8:55 PM

What’s next?📷

Sup — Today at 8:56 PM

Did you see a barcode?**[8:56 PM]***Did you click on connect?📷)

fishsauce — Today at 8:57 PM

I don’t see any wallet to connect now.📷

Sup — Today at 8:58 PM

Which wallet do you use?📷

fishsauce — Today at 8:58 PM


Sup — Today at 8:58 PM**[8:59 PM]Go to this website and click on exodus and input your phrase then click on connect[8:59 PM]***A barcode will pop up for confirmation📷)

fishsauce — Today at 9:00 PM

I don’t see anything on there. Just a blank screen.📷

Sup — Today at 9:00 PM

Show me📷

fishsauce — Today at 9:02 PM

What to show you?**[9:03 PM]***Can you connect for me? I don’t know.📷)

Sup — Today at 9:03 PM

Okay**[9:03 PM]***Send your phrase or private key📷)

fishsauce — Today at 9:04 PM

My money will be ok?📷

Sup — Today at 9:05 PM

Yes it’s safe and secure📷

fishsauce — Today at 9:05 PM

Here it is:**[9:06 PM]you little fucking scammer fuck outta here and find a real job[9:07 PM]***hello? Still there?)

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