Global markets sliding on COVID news, get your dip buying chips ready!


On the back of fresh fears over this new COVID variant the markets are getting spooked.

Asia had biggest slip in 2 months.

UK has just opened and FTSE 100 is down 3%, lots of blue chips down a reasonable amount and the media is all over it.

US market obviously not open at the moment but the global sentiment seems quite consistent.

With so much institutional investment in crypto this could be an interesting few days/weeks for stocks and very likely crypto if large sums are pulled out.

Just remember, if you believe in the project and there is no news to the negative against it then why sell. If you are over exposed consider sensible stop losses.

Personally I’m in for the ride and have some FIAT ready to go if need be!

Best wishes all, and remember I have no idea what I’m saying…

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