Given all of this Craig Wright stuff, how in the f*** is it possible we don’t actually know who Satoshi Nakamoto is/was?


I have read stories over the past week about people who claim to have “worked with” Satoshi at the beginning of Bitcoin. Even if Satoshi is a pseudonym, I genuinely don’t understand how such a secret could have been kept over all this time???

Is it really possible that the original/core group was so tight knit that they kept the secret? TBH, given the history of world events, it seems the most plausible scenario might be that Satoshi was a lone wolf who got whacked by China or the CIA or something in hopes of killing the project.

Of all the black boxes and things I don’t understand about Crypto (and believe me there are many) this is one thing that I just can’t get over.

What are the best theories you’ve heard about this?

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