Fuck banks


A multi billion dollar bank will charge a struggling single mother 30$ for running out of money.

Your bank says you can afford to pay 1500$ per month in rent but not a 800$ per month mortgage.

Scalable smart contract protocols within Ethereum and Cardano fix that problem.

Your bank says 4-5 business days, sometimes thousands in fees and regulatory registration for international wire transfers.

Distributed ledger real-time gross settlement systems like XRP on Ripple Net say 4-5 seconds, 0.000001$ fee (hard limit) and limited regulatory interference.

Your bank says diversify your investments with a shiny rock of which the supply is unknown and will become obsolete with commercial space industry.

Bitcoin says 21,000,000 to exist for eternity. No more, no less.

Your bank has been giving you 0.05% interest on your savings for so long they have you convinced a 1.25% bonus rate is generous. Inflation burns your money faster than you can deposit it.

Decentralized wallets eliminate greed from the equation with yield farming: 3-10% APY stablecoin (USD pegged token), 5-25% APY Large Cap (BTC, ETH, BNB), 10-100% APY altcoin and up to 10,000% APY on new project launches.

If you apply to a bank for a business loan but don’t have a plan to compete, they deny your loan.

What plan do the banks have to compete?

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