Friendly reminder that unless you got a 5.4% raise, you actually got a pay cut this year.


This pay cut comes at a time where billionaires’ wealth increased by 2.1 Trillion dollars during the pandemic and politicians received millions of dollars in lobbying. Moreover, banks are also screwing you off. If you’ve deposited any amount of money for an interest rate lower than 5.4%, you are actually paying banks to keep your money and lend it to others for a higher interest rate. Crypto offers double digit interest rates, while banks will give u the bare minimum of 0.1%.

And no matter how much they’ll try to convince you that inflation is “transitory”, it isn’t. The US for example, in the last 60 years has only had one inflationary year (-0.36%). That too in 2009 when the average person had to suffer the most. Inflation is out of control, and Crypto is the only way out.

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