Friendly reminder about Litecoin (hate away, I don’t care)


After all the shit with Luna, UST and other crap, a friendly reminder about Litecoin, which boasts 100% uptime for more than 10 years since inception. The only thing lagging is price, but if you’re looking for a real, true, solid crypto, remember:

OG, created in 2011 as a clone of bitcoin but on its own blockchain (not a fork like btc cash, btc sv, btc gold etc) but faster with negligible transaction fees.
Hard capped supply at 84 million coins that will ever exist (21 million for bitcoin) = scarcity.
Lightning fast transactions thanks to lightning network (shared with bitcoin, also atomic swaps) = scalability.
Privacy (optional!) and fungibility thanks to MWEB.
Security thanks to PoW through scrypt.
Liquidity thanks to being on basically every exchange.
OmniLite for creating NFTs, smart contracts, stablecoins, decentralized tokens.
Adoption, most recently Paypal, Venmo, AMC, Regal, Newegg, interactive brokers, Grayscale eyeing a spot ETF conversion, top alt on Bitpay, Amazon, Verifone, VISA, litecoin in most ATMs that have bitcoin including El Salvador, Coinstar, several banks globally, etc.
The Economist put litecoin on the cover next to bitcoin for their 2022 issue.
Charlie Lee, the founder, sold his coins in 2017 to make litecoin truly decentralized. And he’s still, half a decade later, working on litecoin and matches donations!

Other crypto might be fast, OR scarce, OR secure, etc. Litecoin does everything.

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