Friend has 500k in gains he can’t access.


For starters this seems to me like a total scam. But I’m no crypto expert and don’t trade any. I figured I’d come here and ask the best.

Here are a few screenshots showing the balance and the “support teams” response in order to withdrawal it all.

They claim he needs to pay $62,000 in taxes from his own money separate from the balance in his account in order to withdraw.

Here is where I come in. He calls Me asking if he can borrow $62,000.

I told him I don’t have the money simply because if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and I’m not taking that loss.

Edit: Name of the exchange is Coinlist Coinlistxrt

Edit 2: He put in 200k of his own money to grow it to 500k.

Edit 3: Overwhelmingly everyone agrees it is a scam some saying they have seen it before. Honestly, I feel terrible for him. He invested 200k and as it seems like that money is forever lost. That’s some nightmare fuel. That being said if you are going to invest 200K into ANYTHING you should know it better inside and out than your ex-wife.

Edit 4: Press F

Edit 5: Norton Safe Web Report courtesy of u/Admirable_Ad1430 link for Coinlistxrt.

Edit 6: Some people have brought to my attention that the URL for the official CoinList is not the same URL as in the screenshot. The official Coinlist domain is and the one in the screenshot is

Edit 7: Turns out while Coinlist has a terrible reputation it is not the exchange he was scammed through. Looks to me like he joined Coinlistxrt which is an imitation of the official site. Thanks to those who pointed that out.

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