Friend at work listened to me explain cryptocurrency completely and now he’s going to buy


He’s been reluctant to buy it. Many are and they freak out at the mere mention of it. “What’s it based on” “It’s a scam” blah blah

After listening to me explain the efficiency of it, the necessity of it, general principles of it, and several projects, he has a working knowledge of crypto and is gun ho about getting on board.

It is truly amazing how when someone reaches the point of understanding, the light flips on and they rush in. Everyone I’ve spoken with who hates it also can’t tell me a single thing about it. Correlation? Absolutely.

Still a small portion of all people dabble in crypto and institutional investing is slowly picking up. The road from here is only up. Years to come will be good.

Edit: he is well aware of how volatile this is and I advised him to be prepared to lose everything. It’s volatile and wild fluctuations are normal.

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