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This popped up in my r/science feed and wanted to share.

Not an easy read, but I like seeing other applications for blockchain outside of financial discussions. Perhaps research like this will help to quash the immediate normie backlash on anything related to crypto as a “ponzi”, etc.

” In this paper, we postulate that a secure, persistent, and self-referencing environment such as a blockchain can be used as a medium to construct an AGI (artificial general intelligence), by using the synergy of a set of generalist agents, or automata, who collaborate and work together as a culture. “

In Section 4 we discuss the idea of blockchain as a medium of storage for an AGI and real-world Big Data. We also explore the merits it provides versus isolated (i.e., non-shared) systems. We present as a proof of concept the creation of a perceptron in sCrypt language (Section 4.1). We also address the problem of scalability and current technological advancements (Section 4.2);”

Pretty dense reading, but fascinating as I go through and try to unpack.

Again, all I ever read about is blockchain technology for financial markets. Nice to see some traction elsewhere.

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