For the first time in months, Crypto movements looks healthy and sustainable again.


The current ‘dip’ is all that’s being talked about here, so I’m assuming most of the complaints are coming from recent buy ins. Don’t buy doing a hike if you don’t wanna deal with correction prices.

Since September BTC had just been on the rise, hitting a new all time high. Those of you who believed that this would just keep going on are now in here talking about either “crypto sales” or “bear market” depending on your angle. The prices will go up again that’s most likely, but this correction is perfectly healthy. Just because the market isn’t continuing its bull run doesn’t mean it’s all going south. Since Saturday BTC’s movement has been beautifully sideways. At this point most of the sell offs have most likely stopped.

The direction of the market is upwards, but you’re gonna have to get used to corrections and crashes if you wanna become a stronk HODLer!

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