For anyone wondering what all the Loopring hype is about, this should make a good starting point


For anyone wondering where all this hype stems from here are three relatively short articles that cover a lot of the story:

Loopring leaks code making references to GameStop

GameStop Job postings about NFT platform

Why GameStop will benefit from looprings platform so much

Rumours of a partnership between the two started when Matt Finestone was hired as the head of Blockchain at GameStop from Loopring.


Since then Loopring have confirmed the announcement in Q4 of a NFT marketplace by a premium partner:

we are working with an established partner who is building atop our newly released L2 NFT functionality. We are very excited to share more on this as soon as we can. This new marketplace is set to launch sometime prior to the end of 2021(Q4).

For more in depth due diligence please check out: r/loopringorg

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