For all the small $ number folks out there: allows $20 deposits, but $100 minimum withdrawals. And their ios app is a piece of crap with awful UX.


Just wanted to quickly relay my experience. I use mostly coinbase but have used different exchanges to access different currencies, of which i remember’s being large. I put $20 in a while back so i wouldn’t have to wait for an ACH to clear to validate my account if i ever wanted to purchase. I’m still stuck waiting for my ETH to settle (i think?) before i can transfer it out.

Besides the arbitrary $100 withdrawal amount discrepancy that makes your $20 deposited the equivalent of a roach in a roach motel, I also encountered critical errors in the IOS app where i was trying to use the number pad for fiat purchase of eth and whenever i pressed the delete or clear button for the $100 suggested amount it would retract the number pad making it impossible to enter the amount. After restarting the app, the issue was still present. My phone is up to date on ios so i think they just have buggy code. I did figure out a workaround but it is stupid and clearly not how it is supposed to work.

Not only that but i tried to ask tech support if there was a way that i could add a new card without purchasing something or adding fiat to my account and they said no!! What in the ever loving fuck?! So i have to put at least another $20 in to add a new card, but really $100 fiat total to withdraw it from my account and i can’t immediately transfer my ETH out either. What a fucking mess.

Rant over. Thought i would share.

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