First year I’m bullish on September


Markets dumped yesterday before closing and kept falling after hours. Fear is in the street with NVIDIA restriction

The Suez Canal was blocked for a short time

As a German I woke up to these news and was scared to even look at the crypto chart. First thing I see is my German stock market bleeding heavily again. I was ready to see a -5% BTC and -10% on alts but … nothing?

I guess after all the coupling with NASDAQ crypto suddenly doesn’t care anymore?

And then I realized something. The last months felt irrational anyway. ETH doing a 2x in a couple weeks while people are still calling new lows coming soon.

Markets pumped on recession and inflation news. The entire markets feel like they are all on crack for the last months reacting heavily to any single word / number coming from the FED.

September is known for being a bad month for markets so… I’ve decided to be bullish. In fact I’m loading up from today till end of next week on crypto until my entire budget is in. Maybe I’m a degenerate but everybody is so bearish lately it wouldn’t surprise me if September ends up like another June rally lol

Cya on the other side – nobody knows shit about fuck

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