First timers.


Congratulations and welcome to what investing in crypto is actually like.

This is where you find out if this is for you.

By the time a bear market is done you should feel absolutely nothing. Green days should make you feel nervous. Pretty sure I’ve seen more reds than green.

For perspective.

I been DCA since late 2017. Caught the first top and lost ‘everything’ in 2018. From then on I DCA every month all the way from $20k back down to what? 3-4k? I felt that fear every time I did. The back of my mind unsure if I am just throwing my money away. But I came here for life-changing gains or fucking zero. You have so many more resources this time to get you through the stress and doubt.

I went straight BTC after all my ALTs died. I only ever sold a small amount of my stack and that was at around $50k because by then it was making me feel nervous – all the green days. I bought a new car with it – the BTC price dropped a bit and with the spare change from my withdrawal I managed to replace more sats than I’d spent. Lucky. It wasn’t perfectly timed but it shows that timing buys like that is easier once you have a bear behind you.

In the last bear I managed to significantly increase my sats. I am sitting on 3x the amount I had in 2017 and as much as I wanted the price to go up forever, if it did how would I stack up meaningful amounts? This is your chance now. Take it or leave it but you’re here now, can you really turn away? Can you stomach seeing 100k bitcoin knowing you had a second chance and didn’t try?

There are millions like me. Every month, same time, same buy.

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