Financial institutions didn’t believe in the internet when it first came out. Today 99% of trades are done on the internet. What’s stopping crypto from proving financial institutions wrong as well?


You can now literally make governmental paperwork using the internet when only a couple decades ago it was considered a joke.

Revolutionary ideas are bound to face a lot of opposition because humans by nature are resistant to change and that has been apparent with almost every technology. Hell, even fiat money faced a lot of doubts before it ended up replacing gold and silver coins as the dominant form of payment, so what’s stopping crypto from doing the same?

It is safer, counter-inflationary and more convenient to “carry around”

Just like the internet proved itself to be a technology that would revolutionize commerce and human life in general, crypto bas a high chance of doing the same.

Even people like Lars Seier who was one of the first to implement internet into his business back when there were only 50 million internet users, ended up entering the crypto market and eventually founding an L1 called Concordium which I think launched not too long ago.

If major innovators and seasoned businessmen are out there creating entire L1s, then I’m pretty convinced that crypto will indeed eventually make its way into the mainstream and become a part of our everyday lives.

It might take a while, and honestly something as revolutionary as this is indeed expected to take a while to become part of the norm, but I think it is inevitable.

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