Finally told the wife to quit her job.


Just as the top says told the wife happy Christmas and merry new year (yes backwards joke between us) you can now be full time mom. I have put in allot time in at work and moved up so we can be a single income household. The biggest reason is that all my hard work in crypto has paid off. Started with 2k and now I make more in crypto passive income then her job pays her. I had to teach myself everything I know about crypto since no one I know of is in it beyond the evil Robinhood. It was rough at times and idk how many questions I asked at times where I’m sure the veterans of crypto thought to themselves wtf? However made good decisions and some bad ones but learned allot and better off for it. For anyone who thinks if you start small you can’t make it I’m proof you can. So thank you Reddit community for the help, I will always pay it forward when I can to help a fellow crypto degenerate.

If your scammer don’t PM me. Your scams are weak. Your scammer parents where allot better. They actually had to call folks and make up a decent story. Couldn’t copy and paste anything.

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