Finally an end to the requests for your top portfolio picks or next 100x coins. I present to you the Random Crypto Opinion Generator


Are you fed up with all of the posts asking you for your top 5 alt coins or which coins you think are going to 100x next? Do you have no idea what you are doing but still want to take part in the conversation and farm those sweet, sweet Moons? Are you new to Crypto and are thinking that this sub would give you a coherent opinion on which coins are best for you? Then say no more fam, for I give you my Sunday morning’s worth of work.

The Random Crypto Opinion Generator

Simply click on the link and you will be given a random opinion on which coins to purchase. If you don’t like that opinion, just hit the randomize button and get another opinion completely free. Be warned though, the Random Crypto Opinion Generator does throw out the occasional hot take so don’t treat this as financial advice.

Share your random opinions here and let me know if you want to see your favourite/most hated coin added to the list.

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