Famous BTC “influencer” PlanB, the author of (failed) S2F model and source of “100k$ by EOY” predictions, is sharing referral links to crappy exchanges to his 1.8M of followers


This bear market hits really hard, but is this the bottom signal we have all waited for? PlanB has shared a referral link to ByBit exchange (ranked 17th on CMC) to his 1.8M followers, starting a lot of laughs and confusion on crypto-twitter. He also recommends options and futures. Sadly he did not say whether we should use 10x or 25x leverage, leaving people wondering and unsatisfied… Maybe the right amount of leverage will be described in the hinted article he is writing!


After decoding the twitter link you get:


What comes next? (;

FYI – I’m not giving links to his twitter profile, I’m sure everyone can find it and verify for themselves that these are legit screenshots and a legit profile!

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