Fake tickets lead to riots before CL final – blockchain tickets the solution to prevent fake tickets?


On Saturday night Liverpool played the Champions League final against Real Madrid in Paris. The final in Paris was briefly delayed due chaotic scenes outside the Stade de France. The French police tear gassed fans (including families) that showed up to stadium with fake tickets.

According to the French interrior minster, Gérald Darmanin, 30.000-40.000 Liverpool fans showed up with fake tickets at the stadium. According to the French minister about 70% of the presented tickets by Liverpool fans were fake.


Liverpool player, Andy Robertson, stated that fans with valid tickets were also rejected from entering the stadium. A friend of Robertson got told his ticket was fake, which is suprising since the Liverpool player gave official tickets issued by Liverpool to his mate




Fans cannot easily verify and proof that their ticket are valid.


An Open Blockchain provides a trusted source for both ticket holders and organizers. The transfer of NFTs from the initial sale to resale is stored on the blockchain immutably so that all parties can prove the ticket’s authenticity. In cases where the resale of tickets is forbidden, NFTs can be developed as nontransferable, not to be moved to another buyer.


What is the opinion of r/cc on the chaotic scenes outside the stadium on Saturday night? Would this be prevented if an open blockchain ticketing solution was used, where fans can easily verify their tickets

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