Faith restore in humanity. Hacker exploit 500K ROY (CryptoRoyale) but decided to return back the funds worth around $14K


Yup, we are not completely doomed as a species ! Harmony one have a launched game on their blockchain called CryptoRoyale which has been quite trendy lately among players in the Cryptoverse. It’s a free game that allows players to compete against each other and earn ROY, the currency in the game worth as of today +-$0.025.

Unfortunately an exploit was found in their faucet which allows a hacker take over 500K worth of ROY which is around $14000. After this they went onto VIPER exchange to swap the coins and disappeared. Fortunately after the team made a public announcement appeal, the white hacker made some apologies and decided to fully refund all the amount along with the below message:

We love the project and the community, there is no excuse for what happened. it all started when we were playing the game and came across […]. Greedy as humans are, we got addicted to printing roys. we fully realize our mistake and apologize. you have a wonderful and unique project in the otherwise scam-rich crypto world. please don’t lose the desire to continue the project. again, we are sorry. In the process we return all our illegitimate roys

I just wanted to share this message and highlight the good people with moral still living among us. $14K may not be a lot for some and as compare to those billionaire projects but when legit small projects are trying to make an impact, We should show support IMO.

Thanks for your attention. May your hodl 42 to 69X – Be safe, always pull out when playing with shitcoin and wish you all a wonderful day. Peace <3

Source: Their official discord

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