Exodus Wallet Review/Overview.


I have been using exodus wallet for a little while so i decided i’d do a review of it.

i will also post a more fleshed out version of this review of pub0x later if anyone interested (check replies)

Exodus wallet from Exodus.com is meant to be a wallet with the purpose of having a good User interface, but it seems to be good at everything else as well.

The interface:

The UI is really clean and nice to look at and easy to use without any complicated mess. it’s appearance can be customized a little bit from the settings. I can not say it is 100% perfect, but definitely seems to be better than anything else i tried.

The usability :

the app itself can be a little laggy rarely (for me at least) but generally its smooth and you can do what you want to do in a couple of clicks without any annoyances and quickly, using this wallet is efficient. updating the app is sometimes a little slow, it does not show you download progress, kinda weird, i prefer to manually update it by re-downloading the app, seems to work faster and better for me.

the app itself is also supported on pretty much any device.


The account seems to be just like any other wallet, You get a recovery phrase, you can lock the wallet with password and can set it to auto lock , nothing new and it works. it also allows to have multiple profiles if you want multiple separate wallets. and the wallet/profiles can be synced with multiple devices if you have the wallet on both desktop and phone for example. Also it supports the use of the trezor hardware wallet with some of the cryptos available in the app.

the features:

the app consists of multiple tabs, starting with the portfolio that shows all your assets in one place with multiple extra info available like the how much you lost/gained in the last 24h, the best and worse performing assets you have and also shows you the graphs of the value of each coin you have added to your profile. this page seems to be a good overview and works well.

the other tab is your wallet tab where you can manage each crypto you have, send and receive, and also exchange (swap) the coins in your wallet. You can exchange between all the assets in you wallet which is quite neat. Theres a top bar where you select any of your assets, or add more, then the selected asset you can receive, send and exchange. for each you can see a history of its transactions, description of the coin, videos, and news. you can also view your private keys from there.

the exchanging tab is pretty simple , you can exchange between all the 200+ coins the app supports and between portfolios too.

Apps (plugins):

the app also supports the installation of extra “apps” which are like plugins that add extra features like the ability to stake coins, view solana nfts, sports betting, and other stuff. Im not sure how good the features of each app are, but its a nice thing to have access to a lot of things in one place.

Verdict / TLDR:

Overall it seems to be secure enough, supports over 200 cryptos, it provides you with the keys to your crypto so you actually own them, and provides nearly every feature i could think of that a wallet could have. never had any problems after using for quite a while, its by no means a perfect wallet but seemed to be better than the others. id give it like about an 8.5/10

please do share any extra info/experiences you might have. i thought id make this in case anyone was interested in such a wallet and to know if its worth it or not

thanks for reading

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