Exchanges need to start listing Bitcoin in Satoshis instead


Unit bias is real, and even though the amount you own will be the exact same, it will heavily encourage new users to buy Bitcoin because they will see it as cheap and not be intimidated. I gotta admit, even though I know it doesn’t make a difference, I had a lot more fun buying 50 million Dogelon Mars coins for $120 (currently down 30% on that lmao) than I did buying 0.002 BTC for that same amount. Hell, you have to now spend over $6k just to get 0.1 BTC. I don’t see how anyone new to the space would not find that intimidating. However, for $120 you can get almost 200k Satoshis. For $6k you can get over 9.5 million. That seems very cheap to me still, and it would definitely be more appealing to someone who’s just now getting into crypto.

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