Everything is dropping faster, interest rate hikes are now kicking in properly as well as the rising cost of living prices globally and the market is starting to reflect it.


Not financial advice.

This is no reason to panic for those that have listened to the most basic advice when the bull market was on, or even if you are brand new. Never invest what you can’t afford to lose. The market is now headed towards a bear winter.

The world economy is doing it tough, gas prices are at record highs in most countries and in many cases headed there if not. For the first time in crypto history a bear market will be happening during a potential recession. This means the biggest opportunity in the history of the 10+ year span of this entire market’s existence for cheap buy ins on projects that people think will be around in the future.

All of this is speculation but the numbers never lie and presently the truth they speak reflects a market that is in an extremely fearful state. And I dunno about you, but once upon a time an old guy with a pair of distinct glasses said that when other people are most fearful is when you should be most greedy.

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