Everyone likes to talk about the theory that Satoshi is dead, but..


What if Satoshi just never has the intention of converting Bitcoin into any existing fiat currency and is waiting until it reaches such a level of adoption that it encompasses everything we do. Years from now that 1 million Bitcoin would make the wallet owner the richest person/entity/organization in the world. Satoshi knew what he was creating, it’s why he concealed who he was. Maybe he’s just incredibly patient. You might argue that a multi billion dollar fortune might be to hard to pass up, but who’s to say that Satoshi doesn’t just have another wallet and has already been benefiting from his creation and is holding onto this million Bitcoin fortune for a more opportune time where Bitcoin is accepted everywhere and for everything. The amount of influence and power that amount of Bitcoin would have…

Don’t mind me though, I’m just bored at work trying to pass the time and this fantasy came into my mind.

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