Everyone here talking about how people should have seen today’s correction coming are like kids who said they knew the answer after you told them.


“Anyone who analyses charts knows that we were due for a correction”

“If you can’t handle dips, you shouldn’t be in this space”

“BTC just dipped below the 200 day MA so get ready for a downward trend”

“I’m smart and knew what was going to happen all along. Everyone should be like me and listen to what I say even though I was posting the exact opposite shit yesterday”

It’s ridiculous. You didn’t know jack. It’s like kids in elementary school who say “that’s what I was gonna say” after the teacher gives the answer to the class. You’re full of it.

This sub turns on a dime. Make the best decision for you and stick with it. Take profits or don’t but don’t rely on anyone else’s “advice” because nobody is culpable for the consequences of your actions except for you. Enjoy the dip and load up your chips!

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