Every single person who has bought and held Safemoon since April 17 is down on their purchase


Safemoon is continuing to fall now down to 0.00000135 which is 87% down from it’s all time high. This shows the true risk of these ponzi coins. The fervor has ended, the get rich quick delusions around this product are dead. This is why you can’t look to these projects to make you rich.

When people talk about a project going “To the moon” they mean they mean the 100x that brought safemoon to it’s ATH, the same with SHIB when it spiked to it’s ATH. However what people really need to be made aware is if a project went from 0.0001 to 0.1 that is mooning, the same as 0.000000001 to 0.000001 is mooning.

Look at the graph of shiba or safemoon, if it’s shot way up and fallen back down, the moon shot is lost and you are probably going to lose money.

Please stop letting the size of the number trick you into buying something because it’s “cheap”

TL;DR Safemoon proves itself as a Ponzi coin with no real value and continues to fall.

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