Every month when I receive my salary I take 10% of it, put it in a stable coin and wait for the dip. Then DCA a bit by bit.


So this is my strategy, you probably have yours but I do what I can afford.

Of course I would like to invest more money and it is certain that this investment will not enrich me given that the standard of living in the country where I live is not very good, but I honestly believe that in time I can take some nice earnings with this way of investing.

So every month I try to take 10% of my salary and I put it into a stable coin. Then I wait for the drop and DCA a bit by bit. Sometimes it is less then 10%, sometimes it is more if I can afford it and if I really believe in that coin.

I don’t rush because I am here to stay in a long run, so a small amount of money can become large over time if I invest wisely.

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