Even if you think someone’s portfolio is insignificant, leave it alone.


Seen a few comments over the last month or so where someone was criticized for the amount they have invested in some way.

One guy revealed that he has low double-digits at the end of the month to invest, but was excited none the less. This person was saying to him “takes money to make money” blah blah, you know the spiel. The way he/she wrote it wasn’t exactly rude and yes, everything they said was true, but it still didn’t have to be drilled into this guy’s head with repeated comments.

No need to take someone down a notch that’s excited to be apart of this, even if you’re right about their potential gains they could achieve.

In your life those gains may not add up to much but to someone else, in a different part of the world, it could have life-improving significance.

EDIT: If you come across said jerks, don’t be shy to speak out. Don’t have to be rude to them, they are already making themselves look like an ass so just help them along. Thanks for the awards, take care everyone!

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