Ethereum’s market cap is exactly 50% of Bitcoin right now. Do you think the flippening is possible?


If you check CoinMarketCap right now, (price glitch fixed BTW) you will see that Ethereum has a market cap of 586B and Bitcoin is at 1.17 trillion. Ethereum is essentially exactly half of Bitcoin right now.

I have been very bullish on both ETH and BTC for a while, but personally I’ve always been more bullish on ETH. It just has so much more potential than BTC which is just a store of value. I’ve always thought that the flippening was a sure thing,

For the flippening to happen, ETH would have to 2x while bitcoin remained the same, or something like that. This isn’t impossible, I think it could happen over a longer period of time for sure.

What do you think of the flippening? Do you think that it’s going to happen?

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