Ethereum’s 2.0 was supposed to happen in 2015. We’re about to enter 2022 in a few days. This is a reminder to stop mocking competitors like Solana, Cardano, Algorand and Avalanche


Isn’t it great to see a project running on marketing alone for 7 years when it hasn’t delivered on anything?

There’s a world of difference between the reality of ethereum and the way ethereum gets promoted in this subreddit most of the time.

Ethereum foundation just did another hark fork a few days ago for the sole purpose of delaying the difficulty bomb.

What is the difficulty bomb? It was a mechanism introduced in 2015 by the ethereum foundation to FORCE the network to accept the change to proof of stake by artificially increasing the difficulty to disincentivize miners from keeping the chain alive after switching it to proof of stake.

Was this the 8th or 9th hard fork done by ethereum foundation to delay the difficulty bomb. Who’s keeping count right? No miner or node consensus nothing.

In the meantime, ethereum foundation seems to be investing a lot of their huge amount of premined ETH and the BTC received from ICO sales into marketing and social engineering.

Have you noticed how every coin competing against ethereum gets repeatedly FUDed and attacked but nobody talks about ethereum failing to deliver for 7 years?

There’s non stop mocking of Solana for going down and for Cardano not having dapps 3 months after Alonzo.

If someone complains about gas fees, they tell them to use centralized L2 rollups which requires you to first spend a huge amount of gas to move your funds and then same again to move it back. They’ve even started saying that normal users should never even use L1.

They tell you to wait for 2.0 which is 7 years late, when the fact is 2.0 will solve nothing It will only make ethereum even more centralized than it already is.

A deep dive into infrastructure centralization in ethereum

The ruler of ethereum Vitalik Buterin himself took his throne last week and said that ethereum’s endgame is centralization.

Vitalik’s “endgame” outlines all roads lead to centralization for ethereum

Ethereum has ultimately proven all the blockchain experts right who have said for years that ethereum’s basic design is so bad that it can never scale or become decentralized.

How about now ETH maxis stop attacking and FUDding other projects when you haven’t delivered anything for 7 years? Now you’re telling people the future will be centralized like it’s no big deal.

EDIT Thanks to u/randysailer for correctly pointing out that ETH 2.0 hasn’t happened all these years because Gavin Wood left in January 2016. Gavin Wood is the creator of ethereum.

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