Ethereum is great but in its current form it has no chance of going mainstream without L2s


I’m all in for Ethereum and the decentralized ecosystem that comes along with it. However, I’m also realistic and know that it’s not efficient nor sustainable enough to maintain larger and larger numbers and I think we already know that.

Even with the introduction of sharding, Ethereum will still be in massive need for scaling solutions. In fact Vitalik pressed on this topic a lot back in 2021 when he attended the Polygon Zk summit where he talked about the importance of accelerating scaling solutions and particularly ones that are ZK centric.

A lot of people think L2s and other scaling solutions will be obsolete but this is a huge misconception. In fact a lot of these scaling solutions will experience demand higher than ever and will most likely see pumps the upcoming years.

I’m betting my money on Polygon cause Ethereum is heading in a more zero-knowledge path and Polygon has alloacted $1 billion just for that with more than 4 zk scaling solutions on their chain right noe.

I also think that Arbitrum might stand a chance as a competitor but they need to focus more on faster development cause they’ve been very slow with that.

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