Ethereum for the first time surpasses Bitcoin im open interest options. With $5.8b vs $4.3b.


Once more Ethereum has surpassed a critical milestone against Bitcoin. The recent hype around its Merger has apperantly made more people bet on Ethereum than on Bitcoin with open interest options for the year. That happened for the first time EVER. and the difference here was more than $1.5b aacording to Glassnode.

What are tgses open interest options? Well to simplify you can see them as options that either call for shorting or longing a certain asset until a certain date. And here Ethereum had more outstanding options that Bitcoin for the year. And to clarify Ethereum does indeed have way more long options than short options. And the two critcal dates were Dec 30 (normla due to the year expiration) and Sep 30 which is very likely due to The Merger eying that date.

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