Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Cash are pumping…which means the latest batch of noob retail investors have finally arrived!


I think many of you would consider Ethereum Classic a terrible investment, considering (1) it was the result of a hack, and (2) the hacker still has their bags of ETC available, which they periodically dump on unsuspecting investors. Bitcoin Cash doesn’t have such a problematic origin, but might also be considered an unwise purchase given the lack of usage and development compared to BTC and other good projects.

So, when I open the charts and see that specifically BCH and ETC have been pumping hard for the last couple of days, my only conclusion is that new retail investment money has arrived and these noobs are dropping cash on ‘cheaper’ projects with the name Bitcoin and Ethereum in it. I should know, I did this exact thing myself earlier this year!

Here’s hoping this signals the start of a another massive pump too.

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