Ethereum, Cardano and Solana can co-exist


I’m seeing a lot of maximalism and tribalism in the crypto space which made me inspired to make this post. So many spread FUD of other projects in order to “defend” their bags. I truly don’t think one crypto is going to monopolize the space.

The future is clearly multi chain where multiple blockchains can use their niches and assets to co-exist and benefit with other blockchains. I also think proof of work and proof of stake chains will co-exist as well.

For example, Ethereum is great for its large dapp ecosystem. Cardano has adequate decentralization, low fees, can send large outputs per transaction and has no lock up period for its staking. Solana has super fast TPS. Cosmos promotes interoperability. Monero has privacy features. Not to mention Bitcoin and it’s utility as a potential currency or way to send money peer to peer. Chainlink can take real world data and send it to different blockchains. Polygon helps to reduce gas fees. I could go on and on.

I recognize that Eth, Ada and Sol are all Layer1 smart contract platforms but each has its own pros and cons and can all be successful. The cryptos that are going to zero are the shitcoins with no utility and real world application.

Be careful of falling into a maximalist trap. Multiple blockchains can and will be successful.

TLDR: The future is multi chain. Tearing down another project doesn’t make yours better.

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